PLAAK Exchange Support

Need help with a problem that you might be experiencing with your PLAAK Exchange account?

Lodge a support ticket and let us know, in detail, what you are experiencing. The more detail and information that you can provide, the better we can understand how to address your enquiry to ensure we resolve it as quickly as possible. Please include screenshots and images of your enquiry to help us further.

Do not lodge a Support Ticket if:
- You have a general enquiry about PLAAK or any of our other products or services. Please send any general enquiries to -
- You have already submitted a support ticket for the same enquiry previously. Multiple tickets for the same enquiry will slow the process
- You are selling/promoting an individual, business, project or product

Lodge a Support Ticket if:
- You have any enquiry relating to your PLAAK Exchange account - funds, transfers, security and  account access, etc.

Only PLAAK Exchange related enquiries will be responded to and actioned.

If you have recently deposited or withdrawn funds and the amount has not been processed yet. Please allow up to 2 hours during network congestions for funds to clear.

How to lodge a Support Ticket:
- Click the blue Support button within this page to open the support widget, then complete the form. Please include any screenshots to help us further understand your enquiry.
- Once done, click Send and someone from our Support Team will respond to your ticket within 24 - 48 hours.