PLAAK Exchange Fees & Information

Trading Fees
- Trading fees for all pairings are 0.1% of a completed order, bought or sold, for both the Maker and the Taker.
- Trading fees are only charged on completed orders. We do not charge for placing orders in the order books (open orders).
- We reserve the right to change trading fees at any time for any listed pairing. An announcement for these changes will be broadcasted across our social media channels 1-week (7 days) prior to the change taking effect.
- We may also change trading fees for any listed pairing, for competitions, promotions and events.

Deposit & Withdrawal Fees
The fees charged when withdrawing digital assets from a user's PLAAK Exchange wallet, is the standard blockchain fee which varies for each respective asset and their blockchain. PLAAK Exchange does not charge for the deposit and withdrawal of digital assets to and from users wallets.

Referral Commissions
A 20% commission of the fee charged for a successful order, will be paid automatically into your wallets as the referee, for every successful order that your referrals complete. You can keep track of your referral stats in your profile settings.
All commissions paid are final.
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